Privacy Policy

Why this notice

In this page we inform you about the way this site is managed regarding users’ personal data processing. After the consultation of this site, data related to identified or non-identified people can be processed.

This is circular in compliance with art. 13 of the European Regulations 2016/679 (GDPR 2016/679), for those who interact with the web services of G.SERVICE S.r.l. in order to protect personal data, accessible through telematics way from the address:


This Privacy Policy refers only to G. SERVICE S.r.l. website and not to other websites consulted by the user through links.

This Privacy Policy is also in compliance with the Recommendation n. 2/2001, which the European authorities for data protection, gathered in the group established by the article n.29 in the directive n. 95/46/CE, adopted on the 17 May 2001 in order to determine some minimum requirements for the collection of personal data online and, in particular, for the ways, time and nature of the information that the holder of the treatment must furnish to users as soon as they enter web pages, aside from the purposes of that connection.


The Data Controller

The Data Controller is G. SERVICE S.r.l in the person of its legal representative


Place of data processing

Processing connected to the web services of this site are to be found at the G. SERVICE S.r.l. headquarters and they are handled by the specifically entitled personnel. Data is processed at the operating centre of the Holder and at any other place in which the groups involved in the processing were located. Particularly, all data pertinent to the website, as long as the related security copies, is stored in a hosting server at the data centre inside the European Union and in compliance with the community regulations in effect. For further information, please contact the holder.


Data processing time

Data is processed during the time needed for the execution of the service required by the user, or required for the purposes described in this document, and the user will always be able to ask for the interruption of the processing or for the cancellation of data.


Types of personal information processed

Browsing Data

The computer systems and the software procedures place before the operation of this website acquire, during their normal usage, some personal data, which transmission is implicit in the use of protocols about Internet communication.

This information is not collected to be associated with identified concerned people, but because of their own nature they could, through elaboration and connection with other data owned by third parties, allow to identify users.

IP addresses or computer domain names employed by users that enter the site, addresses in URI notation (Uniform Resources Identifier) of the required resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained in response, the digital code specifying the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operative system and to the user’s computer environment are all part of this category.

This data is used only in order to obtain information for anonymous statistics about the use of the site and to control the correct functioning and they are immediately deleted after the processing. Information could be used for the verification of the responsibility in case of hypothetical computer violation perpetrated against the site: except this possibility, data on contacts persists to the state for no more than seven days.


Data voluntarily provided by the user

Personal information is collected for the following purposes and by using the following services.



Definition and purpose

Cookies are small amounts of data, saved in text files, stored on your computer or on another device when websites are loaded in a browser. For default, almost all browser webs are designed to automatically accept cookies. They are widely used in order to remember you and your preferences, whether for a single visit (through a “session cookie”) or for repeated visits (through a “permanent cookie”).

They guarantee a coherent and effective experience for visitors and conduct essential functions on how to allow users to log in and stay connected.

Cookies can be set by the site that is being visited (First party cookies) or by third parties, in other words by a different website from the one that the user is visiting, such as those who furnish contents, advertising services or analyse of the website (Third party cookies). This happens because on every site there can be elements (images, maps, sounds, links to other web pages of other domains, etc.) that are located on different servers from the visited site. Both websites and HTML e-mails can also contain other tracing technologies, such as “web beacons” or “pixel”. They are small transparent images, which provide statistics, for similar purposes to those of cookies. They are frequently used in combination with cookies, even if they are not saved on computer in the same way. Consequently, if you disable cookies, web beacon could still load, but their functionality would be limited.

Cookies can be used for different purposes. Some cookies are necessary for technical reasons; some of them permit a personalized experience both for visitors and registered users; and some of them allow the visualisation of advertisement from nets of other selected third parties.

Some of these cookies can be set when the page is loaded or when a visitor does a specific action (by clicking “Like” or “Follow” in a post, for example). Several cookies we use are set only if you are a registered user (so you don’t need to accept them every time, for example), whereas others are set every time you visit our website, regardless of whether you have or haven’t an account.

The measure of the 8 May 2015 by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data identifies two macro-categories of cookies: technical and profiling.


Technical cookies

These cookies are necessary in order to browse or to offer a service required by the user. They are never used for further aims and they are normally installed directly by the owner of the website. Without these cookies, some procedures couldn’t be finished or would be more complicated and/or less safe, such as i.e home banking activities (display of bank statements, bank transfers, payment of bills, etc.), for which cookies are essential and allow to realize and maintain the user’s identification regarding the session.

Technical cookies can be further divided into:

  • Surfing or session cookies, which guarantee the correct web surfing and web fruition (allowing, for example, the realisation of a purchase or the authentication to access into reserved areas);
  • Cookies analytics, similar to technical cookies when directly used by the manager of the site for data collection, in aggregated form, about the number of users and how they visit the site itself;
  • Functional cookies, which allow the web surfing according to a series of selected factors (such as language, products selected to purchase) in order to improve the service offered to the user.


Profiling cookies

These cookies are used to track the user’s web surfing online and to create profiles based on interests, habits, choices, etc. Thanks to these cookies, the user can be sent advertising messages in line with the preferences already displayed in the user’s online navigation.


Use of cookies in this site

These site uses technical, analytics and functional cookies.


Other type of cookies or third parties tools that could use them

Some of the later listed services gather statistics in aggregated form and they could not require the user’s approval or they could be managed directly by the owner- based on what is described- without the help of any third parties.

If services offered by third parties were present among the following listed instruments, these would execute- in addition to what has been specified and also without the owner’s knowing- tracking activities on the user. For detailed information regarding this, we suggest you to consult the privacy policies of the listed services.


Cookies management and cancellation

In addition to what has been stated in this document, we inform you that users might want to limit the use of cookies or to totally prevent them from being set up. The majority of browsers allow to control cookies behaviour, i.e filing time, through integrated functionalities or using third parties’ plug-ins. By means of the preferences of the browser is also possible to remove pre-installed cookies, included the one in which it would be eventually saved the approval for this site to install cookies. If you disable cookies, keep in mind that some functionalities of our service could not work correctly. More information on how to handle cookies in your browser can be found at the following addresses: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer. To learn more about the management and cancellation of cookies, please visit Further details on your choices in regard to your use of web surfing activities for advertising based on your interests, please visit the site (based on EU) or (based in the United States). On a mobile device, you could also modify the settings in order to limit the monitoring of advertising. You can disable Google Analytics by installing the browser extension to disable Google.


If services are dispensed by third parties, the user can also exercise the right to take position against the tracking by informing through the third parties’ privacy policies, through the opt-out link if explicitly given or by directly contacting the party.


Ownership of cookies processing

Since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems by third parties through services used inside this site can’t be technically controlled by G.SERVICE S.r.l., every specific reference to cookies or tracking systems installed by third parties has to be considered as approximate. To get complete information, please refer to the privacy policies of possible third services listed in this document.

In view of the actual complexity due to the identification of technologies based on cookies and their close integration with the web functioning, the user is invited to contact G.SERVICE S.r.l for any further information on the use of cookies and on other possible uses of them- for example by third parties- realized through this site.


Modality of processing

The Owner of G.SERVICE S.r.l. adopts the appropriate security measures in order to impede non-authorized access, divulgation, alteration or destruction of your personal information. We process your personal data through information and/or telematics tools, using modalities strictly linked to the indicated ends. Besides the Owner, in some cases, your data might be accessed also by other subjects involved in the organisation of this website, such as administrative personnel, commercial staff, marketing, legal representatives, system administrators or external subjects, such as technical service providers, postal couriers, hosting providers, information societies, communication agencies, also named Processing Manager by the Owner, if it is necessary. We can offer you an up-to-date list of the Processing Managers: you just need to contact us at the e-mail address G.SERVICE S.r.l, or at any other address indicated in this document.


Purposes of the processing of collected data

We collect your data in order to give you our services and also for the following functionalities: Statistic, Contact and response to the user’s needs, Interaction with social networks and external platforms, Advertisement, offer predisposition, visualisation of contents form external platforms, SPAM Protection, traffic streamlining and distribution, addresses management and authentication, tags management, interactions based on position and remarketing and behavioural targeting.


Further detailed information on the processing purposes and on personal data concretely relevant for each end can be found in the relative sections of this document.


Rights of the data subject

In every moment, you can exercise, in accordance with the articles n. 15-22 of GDPR 2016/679, the right to:

– request the confirmation of the existence of your personal data;

– obtain indications on processing purposes, data categories, addressees or addressees categories to whom data are or will be communicated and, if possible, the preservation period;

– obtain data correction or cancellation;

– obtain processing limitation;

– obtain data portability, that is receive them from the processing manager, in a structured format, with customary standards and readable from a mobile device, and transmit them to another processing manager without hindrances;

– take position against the processing in any moment and also in cases of processing for direct marketing purposes;

– take position against an automatic decisional process related to physical individuals, including profiling.

To assert the data subject’s rights and/or to ask for further information you can contact the Profiling Manager G. SERVICE S.r.l which legal and processing office is in Via Nagy, 27 42019 Scandiano (RE)