Automatic conveying system for loading / unloading of heat treatment kilns for aluminium wheels

Prova didascalia

Rollers and chain conveying system for aluminium wheels purposedly designed and manufactured to infeed and remove aluminium wheels from the heat treatment kilns.


Every system has been carefully designed to allow the constant and correct flow of wheels on the roller conveyors and manage different conveying speeds requested by the process.


The line is equipped with: a lifting unit which collects wheels at kiln exit on the upper level and conveys them to the lower level, a flap roller conveyor to bend forward wheels and let the exceeding treatment water flow away which was accumulated during the previous thermal shock treatment in tanks.


The conveying line is made out of different segments: with rollers, straight conveyors, 90° curves, lifting table on chain conveyors to manage change of directions of the products.

Installation locations