About us

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

A. Einstein

Company’s mission is to design and build automation system for many industrial sectors. The company offers technologically innovative system to optimize the flow of raw material, semi-processed and finished production within customer’s production lay-out and requirements.

Thanks for long experience and technical capabilities, G.Service s.r.l. can supply both single machine units as well as turn-key equipment which may be customized to handle the entire industrial process.

The continuous search of new technical solutions combined with the special care paid during engineering and development of each system allows G.Service s.r.l. to fulfill all customers’ expectations in different industrial applications: food products, automotive, ceramics and building material, steel production, textiles, woodworking, glass, plastic and energy.

G.Service s.r.l. activity begins with the careful evaluation of the customer’s production requirements which build up our business core starting from design phase up to the commissioning of the plant. During this process , customer’s demands are always the center of attention of all departments of research and development. Our know- how gained in the context of the most different industrial sectors allows our technical staff to introduce “turn-key” systems which are highlighted by extreme flexibility and efficiency by streamlining all aspects of production and logistics.